About us

The Zoggs brand was established in Australia, the home of swimming in 1992.

Zoggs offers innovative, exciting and high quality goggles, swimwear and swimming equipment.


Zoggs are first to market with a number of innovations in swim items.

In 1994 they were the first to create the one-piece Phantom glasses. 2005 Predator sunglasses with Wiroframe biotech frame. In 2011, the glasses with Air-cushion technology appeared. In 2012, easy inflation valves appeared in inflatable items. 2013/14 Commit to a lifetime warranty on Aqualast swimwear.

In 2019, Zoggs introduces Ecolast and Ecolast+ sustainable swimwear. made of recycled plastic.

Curved Lens Technology

Curved lens technology for better visibility

Air-Cushioned Goggles

Glasses seal full of air

Patented 4 Point Flex

Flexible frame for a better fit of the glasses

Zoggs Bulgaria

Zoggs is a leading brand in the sports swimming market and distributed in over 50 countries.

H.I.G. Bulgaria EOOD is the official representative for Bulgaria of Zoggs.


We spend a lot of time making sure our products won’t disappoint anyone


Most importantly for most of our products – maximum comfort is our goal


We believe in innovation and its application in our products


We strive to offer maximum functionality of all our products


“Swimming without goggles is like running with your eyes closed.”

To this day, goggles remain a major highlight in the range of swimming items we offer.

We want all swimmers, whether just starting out; swimming for fitness or recreation; swimming outdoors or in a triathlon, to enjoy the freedom, fun and exhilaration of the water.

To date, Zoggs ranks among the leaders in professional and amateur swimming equipment, distinguished by high quality and craftsmanship.

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